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As if you really care ;)

What is this site all about?

We created HowMuchWillitSnow.com out of frustration with the many weather sites out there that lack realtime snow forecast data. For commuters and skiers, all that really matters is how much snow is going to be on the ground at some point in the future.

We couldn't find a way to get this information simply and accurately!

Is this too much to ask? Apparently it is.

The big weather sites typically provide snowfall data in broad ranges, with imprecise information about exactly how much snow will be on the ground and when it will fall.

How can I trust this data?

Snowfall data is provided though a variety of sources, primarily through the National Weather Service. You can trust the data to be accurate.

Who took the photo you use on your home page?

The background image you see here on this page was created by Jenny Downing.

Hey wait! I still have more questions!

What else do you want to know?

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