Snow Forecast on Your Calendar

How to show our snow forecast in the most convenient place
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Dave P
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My calendar is essential

I often say to my family and friends, "Put it on my calendar or it doesn't exist." Having my calendar online and accessible from all my devices is not just a convenience but a necessity. I use it dozens of times per day, when I'm making my next move or planning out my week. That's why we made our dead simple snow forecasts available right when and where you're making decisions. Should I bike to work or take the bus? Should I go out to eat or stay home and cook? A reminder that it's about to snow will surely has an impact on these questions.

How to set up

Setting up forecasts on your calendar is easy. Simply:

  1. Navigate to the forecast page of the location you'd like to see on your calendar
  2. Look for the calendar button with this icon: (it's right next to the Daily Forecast heading)
  3. Click it. It should bring you to your calendar app.
  4. Confirm with your calendar app that you want to subscribe
  5. You're done! Depending on the app you use, forecasts will update every few hours.

Where to find the save calendar button

Things you should know

Each calendar app works a little differently. We've tested the 2 most popular:

  1. Google Calendar
    • Updates every ~24 hours
    • Subscribing is easier on your desktop, it doesn't seem to work on Android phones (see below)
  2. Apple/iOS Calendar
    • Updates when you enter the app
    • Subscribing from your iPhone works great

Dropdown links

In case you have trouble with the main button, we've included some helpful dropdown links:

  1. Google Calendar - this link to subscribe may work on some Android phones, but we weren't able to get it to work. We included it in case you'd like to try on your phone.
  2. Copy to Clipboard - this is for your convenience, in case you need to copy the URL of the calendar and paste it into your calendar app.
  3. File Download - we don't recommend using this because your calendar will not automatically refresh. Instead it will only import events once. We've included this option in case you prefer this or if you can't get the other options to work. We'll include a warning message on each event in case you didn't realize you've done this.

Do you love or hate forecasts on your calendar? Let me know!