SnoShark - 1 year review

Overpriced gimmick or 'The Snow Removal Tool Reinvented'
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Snoshark snow-removal tool features and benefits

Born and raised in New England, and now living in the mountains of Northern California, I’ve used every tool imaginable to clear and move snow.

The SnoShark was specifically designed for one purpose – to clear snow off of vehicles quickly and easily, without causing damage. It’s shaped like a hoe -- they could have called it the “SnoHoe”

Bottom line: the SnoShark delivers on this promise. This review below demonstrates how you can clear inches, or even feet, of snow in only a few minutes.

Where to buy

Buy from Walmart $69.99 with travel bag (Free Shipping)

SnoShark in retail packaging


Deploying the SnoShark is easy, one button extends the telescoping shaft, while another opens the paddle for use. These two features enable compact storage in your vehicle’s trunk or storage area.

A small carrying bag is included. I haven’t really used mine. Perhaps someone who is very careful with their trunk storage may want to use it to prevent snow from melting when stored, but it doesn’t appear to be waterproof, as it's made of some type of canvas.

SnoShark hinge and button


The SnoShark comes in two lengths, the standard model is 39” long when deployed. There is an “XL” version available that is 54” long when extended.

I tested the Standard length for a full year, during multiple storms, to clear my car during a heavy Northern California winter.

The tool has an aluminum telescoping shaft, with detents to lock the device in the extended position. It feels like quality craftsmanship rather than something you might buy and use once only to throw in the garbage the next day.

The paddle is made of thick industrial plastic, and never wavered when pulling or pushing 2+ feet of snow off my car’s roof. There is a warning on the paddle, indicating not to use the device as an ice scraper, however this might simply be warning for people not to stab or smash at your car’s windshield in frustration, using it like an ice chopper. The paddle is reinforced with a sharp edge, and carefully using it to chip ice is possible, if you aren’t overly aggressive.

When I first got the tool in my hands, I figured the obvious weak point would be the hinge. Having the ability to fold the paddle makes the tool much easier to store in your trunk or truck bed. The hinge has a positive latching action, activated by a blue button, and hasn’t loosened or developed any play in the 1 year I’ve used it.

The base of the shaft has a plastic handle to ensure you can pull on the tool loaded with snow.

Bottom line – the SnoShark seems like it will last for many years if you treat it with care.

Should you buy one?

At $69, the SnoShark seems like a luxury tool. Similar snow brushes and scrapers can be bought for less than $20, so you should consider whether it's worth it for you.

If this applies to you – I recommend buying one:

  1. You receive 2 or more 4”+ snow storms per year
  2. You often park your vehicle outdoors (OR) you travel in areas where sudden snowstorms are possible

What about the XL version?

According to the manufacturer, the XL version was specifically designed for large full-size trucks and RVs. So for a typical car or SUV, the Standard model makes more sense. I did not run into any issues clearing snow off of several 4-door sedans and compact pickup trucks with the Standard model.

SnoShark showing long shaft


Before using the SnoShark, I tried using plastic snow scrapers and brushes, which are pretty much worthless for anything more than a dusting of snow.

Shovels can be effective for big storms – but you can only carefully remove about 80% of the snow before you risk damaging your vehicle.

Your hands and arms are really the only thing left to remove the last of the snow, which I did for many years, leaving your gloves cold and wet.

Where to buy

Buy from Walmart $69.99 with travel bag (Free Shipping)

Know a better way to clear your car from heavy snow? Let me know!

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy winter season!

– The team at HowMuchWillitSnow