Winter Preparedness Starts With Ordering Ice Melt

Order your ice melt online and score a good deal on it
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If you want ice melt delivered to your house at a low cost, here are our picks for the best online ice melt options:

Price/Lb Brand Where to buy?
60¢/lb* Snow Joe Walmart
75¢/lb* Road Runner Walmart

* Before tax. Free shipping offered with minimum purchase.
** Before tax. Free shipping offered for a limited time, no minimum!

With Mother Nature gearing up to pack a wintry wallop, it’s time to stock up on ice melt to keep your driveway, sidewalk, or front steps clear. Ice melt is one of the best tools to have on hand to keep paved surfaces clear, and to prevent slips and falls this winter.

Around 1 million people are injured each year in the United States from falls on snow or ice, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And, approximately 17,000 of those people end up losing their lives due to their icy fall, the CDC says.

Don’t become a statistic! If you live in a snowy or icy climate, have ice melt ready to go before the first storm of winter hits. You can find big bags of ice melt locally at hardware stores or big box stores. But you can also find it online—and you don’t have to break the bank to get ice melt shipped right to your door.

Advantages of delivery

Getting your ice melt delivered saves you the hassle not only of a trip to the store, but of lugging around that big bag or container of salt. No more hefting ice melt into your shopping cart, then awkwardly scanning it at the checkout. No more loading ice melt into your car, then having to unload it at home. Order online, wait a few days, and it’s on your doorstep.

Do you have an eldery or infirm relative or neighbor? Do a good deed and order ice melt online for them, or walk them through the process. If the thought of shopping for ice melt in the store makes you cringe, it’s likely an even bigger hurdle for your older friend.

Where to get ice melt at a good price

There are many ice melt products on the market—from rock salt to ice melt made of chlorides, acetates, urea, or a blend of these. And you don’t have to leave your spot on the couch to get them at a good price. In fact, it can actually be cheaper to order your ice melt online rather than getting it at a store. Wondering what a good deal is online? Look for ice melt that costs under 60 cents per pound, delivered.

Stock Up

Be prepared this winter for any kind of weather by getting your ice melt supply now. It’s a good idea to stock up for the whole season, while the price is right and the product is available. Distributors tend to change their prices midseason, depending on supply. So be one step ahead, and don’t get caught in a mid-winter price war.

As long as you store your ice melt correctly (in a tightly sealed container so no moisture gets in), you can’t go wrong by having more than enough ice melt on hand. With plenty of salt in your garage or shed, you’ll be ready when that snowy, icy storm blows into town.

Do you know of any better deals on ice melt? Contact us and we will share with our readers.